Another thoughts on this topic

Besides focus on UX designer, I found out that “brands” are also one of the communities which are good in doing comparison with normal internet users. Since online shopping is normal as usual in nowadays. Especially on social media such as Instagram which they used to promote their brands and sell their stuffs. In comparison and contrasting between brands with normal internet users on social media could be an interesting controversial issue. First idea come to my mind is there is a lot of brands use social media as a powerful marketing medium, especially advertising. They have to pick a right channel and think about idea to promote their brands according to the channel. For example, most of trendy brands are active on Facebook and Instagram. I intentionally focus on Instagram since besides those big brands, there are still a lot of normal users active on Instagram. Most of them mostly share about their daily life moments, what they have been come across today, their thoughts and express them through photos and videos.

I would like to do more research on Instagram, well-known brands which are active on Instagram and also online marketing strategies on Instagram in the following posts. Hope I am able to dig deeper and deeper to find out more information and gain more knowledge about them.



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