Instagram for Marketing Purposes

Nowadays people mostly can’t live without mobile devices since Internet is overwhelming for many people. Social media penetration worldwide is getting bigger all the time. Social media getting more welcome to many users, therefore social media users are expected to grow enormously in the coming years. Due to huge number of social media users, it leads to numerous brands begin to target their audiences in social media.

Bar chart below shows that the percentage growth rate of US companies use social media for marketing purpose increase  year over year.

“Now that Instagram is opening up advertising to all businesses, it’s not surprising that marketer usage will grow rapidly. ” -Debra Aho Williamson

Obviously, social media is a good platform for advertising business. Based on research, Twitter and Instagram are the social media which mainly used by US Companies. eMarketer carry out an investigation on marketers use Twitter and Instagram for marketing purpose. Linear graph below shows that while the amount of marketers using Twitter staying unchanged throughout the years, Instagram has became a potential marketing media for brands, the number of US companies which marketed their business through Instagram was predicted to reach about 70.7% in 2017, almost 7 times since 2013.

Besides, according to Simply Measured, researches have been carried out an examination on how many brands use Instagram for marketing purpose. The study found that there are 17 different industries used Instagram as marketing channel and successfully gained 130 million plus users on Instagram. Bar chart below shows that, in 2015, 90% of top 100 brands in the world have their Instagram account, and 80% of them mostly active on Instagram.


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