Demographic of Instagram users


Based on the research on last post, the study uncovered that the number of brands active on Instagram getting more and more in these years. Instagram became the hottest apps for marketing agencies since it’s user friendly and fulfilled needs of business.

Demographic of Instagram users:

  • Young
  • Educated
  • Like to shop
  • Mostly woman

Marketers stated that most of buyers from Instagram are younger than 30. According to Pew Research study, 55% of Instagram users are in the age between 18-29 year olds. Followed by 28% of 30-49 years old and 11% of 50-64 years old. Therefore, marketers also set ‘young’ and ‘woman’ as their target audience.

For example, trendy women’s apparels or snacks foods like chocolate, cookies, cakes and pastries which can easily catch their eyes. There was a post that posted by H&M on Instagram can be a good example in this situation. A photo with mint ice cream coloured dress in an ice cream cone with caption “Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream!” and add on hashtag #nationalicecreamday and #HM (Fashion brand) received around 192,000 likes.  (Ice cream + Dress) which can attract women’s attention the most.

Furthermore, Instagram reveals that most of the users like to shop. Users would like to share their daily life stuffs such as what they’ve eat today, what they bought from somewhere, what they’ve received from someone else and so on by uploading photos of them. They would like to share product photos with their followers, comment each others’ post or double tap on the photo (like) in order to have interaction with their friends. On Instagram, marketers always have to come out with some methods in order to gain more followers which can help to boast up their sales. So basically, marketers would carry out some online activities such as “contests” and “giveaways”, they purposely want to win more followers. Some of the Instagram users follow the brand are just because they like the brand whereas some of them follow the brand is just to take advantage of giveaways.

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