Marketing on Instagram

Instagram with photo and video sharing features help brands drive reach and engagement. There are 70 millions of users on Instagram and almost 70 million photos will be posted/shared by them. In order to connect target audiences to products, Instagram might be the best choice for brand to carry out their business. Do you now why?

  • Hashtags

Let’s use Nike as example in this situation since Nike is Instagram’s most popular brand. Nike buyers used to snap a photo of Nike after purchase and uploaded it to Instagram. With the post, they are able to use hashtag (#nike) to highlight Nike’s product in context. Hashtag #nike has been used more than 41 million times by Instagram users. With hashtag, it indirectly helped the brand progress to global community. With the help of marketing tools on Instagram, Nike successfully gain more than 14 million of followers.

  • InstaMeet

InstaMeet is to gather Instagrammers around the globe to take photos and post to Instagram. Instagram provided an example of how brands can take advantage of the event. For example, Shoe company, Toms and Los Angeles-based photographer, Pete Halvorsen joined this event. Hence, they are able to directly engage with consumers.

  • It’s important to make your event feel like a normal meet-up. Pick a photogenic place that’s easy to access.
  • Focus not just on photography, but on giving back in some way. Be a brand that supports the community by playing a subtle role and not overpowering with your message.
  • Have an experienced community member run your InstaMeet to create an authentic experience and voice that people trust.

  • Branded ads

Instagram also provide channel which can used by brands as a strategy to mimic large-scale video campaigns. These features are an effective way for brands to generate consumer interest and engagement. For example, Ben & Jerry’s Instagram ad, used to to spread awareness of its new Anchorman inspired Scotchy Scotch Scotch flavour. After the ads released on Instagram, they achieved 9.8m followers and 33-point increase in ad recall.

  • Carousel ads

Instagram’s carousel ads provide users with multi-page print ad that strategically highlight a brand’s products. Users can swipe left to see the for additional pictures and link to website of the brand was provided too. As a consequence, users are able to immediately purchase featured item that they like the most whereas brands can telling their stories in a more flexible way through carousel ads.

  • Video ads 

Since Instagram with video upload feature, hence many brands started to upload video ads to attract their consumers. Instagram video ads provide maximum 15-second spots tease potential consumers with branded information.

For instance,  GAP comes out with a video contains micro-series of 12 videos. The storyline of the video is about a strange love story evocative of spring’s unpredictable nature. In the video, it shows Gap clothing and encouraged viewers to purchase.

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