Advantages of Marketing on Instagram

Business online constantly increase this is due to many marketer are starting to brand and communicate visually with their followers and customers through social media platform. Through my research, I found out through Instagram, brands can achieve countless benefits if they marketing well on Instagram. So, now lets’s look at the benefits below:

Increased Engagement

Marketers have to activate their Instagram accounts by updating meaningful and engaging contents. By this way, high levels of engagement with your target audience will be achieved. According to the study by Forrester, it uncovered that Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter since Instagram is a photo-sharing based platform, people are normally attracted by visual at first rather than text.

Starbucks is the brand that always share interesting image on Instagram.


Catch your Target Audiences

If you’re targeting people born from 1980 to the early 1990s (the so called millennial) then Instagram would be the most suitable social media channel for you to target your audience.

From my previous, I’ve found out that Instagram is the place full with millennial (people who born from 1980-1990s). Most of them are young, love to shop, and mostly woman. Therefore, they are the biggest target audience in Instagram. H&M is a mass-market brand of great appeal on this social media platform. It is the best example of brand who successful get their target audiences on Instagram.

Warm, soft & sweet = perfect #gifts! 👌🏾🌟 #HM❤️

A post shared by H&M (@hm) on

Building Trust And Personality

Instagram can help you build trust and increase brand awareness. Emotional connection between sellers and their audience can be build through Instagram. On Instagram, there’s no limits for users to share photos, it allows them to update and activate their profiles day by day. Since Instagram is a visually social media platform, therefore business can be continue going on in a casual way, that’s why Instagram users always state that it is so user friendly. User friendly is also the reason makes Instagram so much well-liked.

Here is some of the benefits of using Instagram for marketing purpose. From this entry, I actually found out there is manifold profits of having business via social media. In my essays, I will go deep into these benefits and continue doing research on it (get some brands as example and talk about why they are so successful on Instagram). Or maybe there’s also numerous disadvantages on Instagram business?

Istvanova, L. (2014) 6 Benefits of Using Instagram For Your Business. knoozai. [Online] Available at: Accessed at: 18 December 2016]



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