19 November 2016 – Choice of Topic

20 November 2016 – Decision + Research

30 November 2016 – Dilemma (Who to choose?)

2 December 2016 – UX Designer

5 December 2016 – Social Media User Experience

6 December 2016 – Another Thoughts on This Topic

7 December 2016 – Instagram

9 December 2016 – Instagram For Marketing Purpose

12 December 2016 – Demographic on Instagram Users

15 December 2016 – Marketing On Instagram

18 December 2016 – Advantages of Marketing on Instagram

Through the days, I’ve research on UX Designer VS normal Internet User in the beginning. Even though I did some studies on UX Design, however I found out there was certain parts of it still tricky to me. During the half way of my research, another thought came to my mind was Brands VS Consumers on Instagram. It’s something more commercial and I feel more comfortable on doing research on it. I found there is brunch of possibilities and aspects to do comparison between Brands and Consumers.

For example, brands launched their promotion in a limited duration, brands will update the news by adding a photo in their profile feeds. Consumers will get the news if they “follow them”  Instagram. Hence news would spreads as fast as possible throughout Instagram. Consumers get to start their “Shopping Journal”, they are able to purchase goods in cheaper price. In the other hands, sellers gain benefits too since they can clear stocks and also raise their monthly/ yearly sales. (Win Win Effects)

Hence, in my essay, I will go deep in different aspects of Instagram on how it affect the brands in their marketing and how does it affects consumers on Instagram.

Brands VS Consumers on Instagram

  • Reason why Instagram attracting people (what cause the giant raise users of Instagram in these years) -therefore marketers aims Instagram as a good marketing platform.
  • Brands before and after Instagram -using Instagram stories/ ads/ videos (bring out the sale?)
  • What hashtag usually used by brands and consumers? (what is the purpose of using hashtag on Instagram, in order to gain what?)

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